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Sites of Friends and
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  • Faith & Courage in a Time of Trouble - a book by my mother about her experiences during World War II hiding from the Nazis.

  • International Education Associates this is a page advertising my mother's educational consulting for International students, helping them with such issues as visas and applying to schools.

  • Shikokho - this is the site of a mission project started by Gretchen Hobbs Donaldson and hosted on my site.  Gretchen has been involve with this Kenyan Village for about 20 years and they have about 20 different projects going to help villagers.

  • The Day of Small Things - this is a republishing of my missionary great-grandmother's book on her and her family's first years in China in the late 1800's.

  • The Two Magic Pearls - this is a charming children's story adapted by my aunt Claudie about a young fairy's quest to save her sick queen.  It includes a link to a new generation high quality computer generated voice reading the story.  The recording is 1 hour and 20 minutes long.

  • Up From Zero In North China Final - The 2nd book about my great-grandmother's experience as a missionary in China.

  • Washington Stamps - this is my father's stamp dealership site.  He sells French Chinese and stamps at discount prices.

  • Whirligigs in China - a children's book of five short stories of young Christians in China back in the early 1900s. Also by my great-grandmother. It has great illustrations by Mathilda Keller. Also exists in a Kindle version.
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