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S2 Press Titles

You can purchase bound versions of these books at my CafePress and Lulu Press stores.

  • Open bookFaith and Courage in a Time of Trouble - this is my mother's book about her and her family's experience hiding from the Nazis during World War II in the town of Soleyrol in Southern France. Also now available in French, Spanish and Kindle versions.
  • The Two Magic Pearls - this is the story, adapted by my Aunt Claudie, of Sylvette, a fairy and a lost pearl of great price.

  • Ice Storms - a tweener book about 2 sisters who need to rescue their mother from kidnap and the world from the grip of a plague that has killed off all the men and all the women over 50.

  • Jenny and the Silly Monkeys - a children's story about two rogue monkeys stealing coconuts from a famished explorer.

  • Secret Santa -  a children's story about the real tale behind Santa Claus.  It involves submarines and talking animals.

  • Socks - a children's story about a homeless person who finds the match for an expensive accidently thrown out astronaut sock.

  • The Day of Small Things -  book written by my great-grandmother concerning the early years of hers and her husband's mission to North China.

  • Up from Zero in North China - the 2nd book my great-grandmother wrote about her experiences as a missionary in China. Now available in a Kindle version.

  • Whirligigs in China - a children's book of five short stories of young Christians in China back in the early 1900s. Also by my great-grandmother. It has great illustrations by Mathilda Keller. Also exists in a Kindle version.

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