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Survival of the Sweetest

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  • Apple treeThose organisms, most helping out the cause of life in general on planet earth are selected to survive. As St. John said, "Any tree that does not bear fruit must be uprooted and thrown in the fire." The crashing of comets into the earth, are like the days of judgment in the Bible. The large selfish, violent species are destroyed, whereas the small communal animals survive. Darwin failed to take into account that man's hand was responsible for choosing pigeons and dogs and that God's hand, is responsible for choosing finches, etc. Survival of the gentlest or the "meek" occurs, not the "fittest." One ostensible reason for this is that the "selfish" or parasitical part of the biosphere is weaker than the unselfish cooperating part, and cannot survive severe stresses, like a comet crash. A similar principle is used by doctors, to kill off cancer cells with radiation. A reason for this strength is that the unselfish part of the biosphere "cooperates," whereas the selfish part of the biosphere does not.

  • The laws of the Bible apply strictly to nature in all ways, even if nature is 5 billion years old. Only those organisms that bear good fruit, i.e. that contribute to life on earth survive. All parasitical, "evil" organisms are wiped out eventually, in God's time. The struggle of life is really like a good and evil Walt Disney movie. The good members of all species foster good, while the evil foster life's destruction. The battle between good and evil is the story of life at all times. 

  • During times of severe environmental trauma (comet crashing into the earth), there is severe crowding of species into each other's niches. Interbreeding between species occurs at a much greater than normal rate, leading to mostly infertile or unviable offspring, but some of the crosses (spurred on by chromosome duplication, produced by increased radiation, from atmospheric disruptions) produce viable offspring. These are the new species. This is is the basic engine of species production. Sea squirts, for instance, come from a viable cross between a primitive worm type animal or sponge, and a plant. That is why, sea squirts make some compounds found normally, only in plants (by nick weigel). The further away two species before crossing, obviously the less likely will be the chances of success, but the more important will be the out coming species, to changing the course of evolution. 

  • Winter sceneThe increase of radiation, environmental and biological turbulence, leads to a huge increase in the amount of genetic diversity. A large part of the increase in mutations come from the large increase in viral infections, because of the general weakness of the biosphere. 

  • Since Lamarkianism has been rejected out of hand without continuing investigation, I would just for Irony's sake, propose that there is some or a lot of individuals passing on traits produced by environmental experiences or even by decisions made by the organism. Environments and experiences having effects on genes have been born out by the progress in epigenetics, but I go a step further and suggest that there is consciousness at work among all organisms which allows them to make decisions will affect their genes in inheritable ways.

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