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Science, Philosophy, Religion 
and Brainstorming Pages

  • Bible Physics - this is my unusual take on how Scripture illuminates Physics.

  • Easy Leaves - a blog discussing alternative ways to manage leaves in the fall.

  • Epinasty - an explanation of one way plants adapt to flooding.

  • Explanations - Google Group I started for discussing explanations of things.

  • Plant Hormones and Plant Growth Regulators - Google Group I started to discuss plant hormones.

  • Plant Hormone Speculations – this is my paper on the beginnings of a comprehensive theory on Plant Hormones/Plant Growth Regulators.  It includes links to three previous versions.

  • Plant Senescence – this is my undergraduate senior thesis and attempt at a comprehensive treatise on plant senescence. It includes attempts to understand the evolutionary (which I no longer agree with), plant physiology and cell physiological causes of senescence.

  • Socrates and the Political Cycles – this is a treatment of the cycles of character traits and societies that Socrates/Plato describe at the end of the Republic.  It provides a Christian answer to how a society is rescued from a tyranny.

  • Socrtwo's Ideas - my accepted inventions, brainstorms and ideas on the site called “Should”.

  • Socrtwo's Google Group Posts - link to my profile and postings on Google Groups.

  • Survival of the Sweetest - this is a scripture inspired view on how selection works. It's not natural selection but divine selection.  It's not the strongest fittest that survive, it is the gentle contributors to life general effort that win out.  Parasites of all types are eventually weeded out.

  • The Tea Party is Right! - stop spending money in Tea Party states for goodness sakes.  Most of those states receive more money in government spending than they pay in taxes for goodness sakes.

  • Towards a New Synthesis of Evangelical Christianity and Science - Google Group I started to discuss science and spirituality.

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