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Business Pages

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  • 102 Business Ideas Google Group - my sister-in-law told me you need 100 business ideas before finding a viable one.  I'm up to 50 or so posts I think now in my Google group.

  • Graphics Portfolio - my computer graphics portfolio.

  • Opt Out Resources - resources for opting out of telemarketing calls, credit card offers, spam etc.

  • PDPresume.htm  my resume.

  • S2 Press - this is my Lulu Press book shop with books I published by mother, niece and aunt and maybe others in the future. The local file describing most of the files is here.

  • S2 Services  this is a link to my data recovery clearinghouse site, with mostly free resources.

  • Save Office Data - a text/data extractor from corrupt Microsoft and Open Office files.

  • Simply Silly Shops - this is my of books, artwork, and stickers for sale,  mostly at cost for now.

  • - highlights best selling Amazon products that have 4.5 star reviews because these are usually the "tried and true" products.

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