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What If Scripture Gave Us An
 Understanding of Physics and Astronomy?
Jesus the sower.

  • The four situations of seeds in Jesus' seed and sower parable may parallel the four types of forces in the universe. Specifically Jesus compares the kingdom of God to the smallest seed in nature, which gives rise to the largest plant. That's like gravity which is the weakest force, but gives rise to the largest effects in the universe. Also gravity is a force that gathers, not disperses just like the kingdom of God. In the sower parable three seeds do not bear fruit. In an important way maybe the three other forces besides gravity do not give rise to gathering forces, like gravity, but are essentially scattering forces.  Also like the parables, maybe the four forces, are essentially all the same "word of God." The reason that we don't see the same results with all four forces, is because of the "soil," it falls on. That is the seed the force is, is always the same, but the soil, the particle the force is having an effect on, is different. The different soil or particle determines the outcome. From this we would predict that the graviton, photon and the nuclear force particles are all actually the same particle at some base level.

  • In a related way, perhaps the six quarks are also straight out of the Bible. Three of the quarks are the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, and the other three are the devil, the Antichrist, and the false prophet.

  • Particle Physics has now been boiled down and reduced to the idea that there exist only 18 basic particles. These particles are the six quarks, six different leptons (including the electron), and the six force carrying particles including the photon and the graviton (the last's existence is still theoretical and is the only particle yet to be discovered by experiments. Thus the physical world and perhaps universe is made up of three groups of six particles: that is the old nemesis number 666. According to the Bible, the World is controlled by the devil and that is his number.

  • In the recent annals of Physics there is discussion of string theory. Quarks and indeed all the universe is supposed to be made of strings that vibrate in 11 dimensions. I ask why stop at 11? Why not go to the Biblical perfect number of 12? How about this for the explanation of the dimensions. If you are a Pharisee or hypocrite you live in one 4 dimensional sphere or universe with the three dimension and time running out on you always. Say instead that you are a Herodian a sensualist that is. You again live in 4 dimensions, but in a different 4 dimension from the Pharisee. Time is still running out on you always, but is no some ways you do live in a different sphere from the Pharisees or Churchianity Fundamentalist types.

    Now say instead say you are a genuine living person that understands Jesus words and tries hard to do the work of believing what he says, as he describes what real work is. You live in a different sphere from the hypocrites and sensualist. You live in 3 dimensions. Why, because you live in eternity and there is no 12th dimension of time for you. Indeed there really is a 12th dimension it generator of the other 11. It is eternity or the ground of being.

    String Theory actually says there are 10 dimensions. It is "Brane Theory" which says that an 11th dimension exists where the strings are attached. My hypothesis is that the theoreticians who named it "Brane" theory really are guessing the 11 dimension is the brain of God (also there is another "brain" of the devil" but I digress for this point). They named it "brane" to get us used to the sound and the pun's concept dovetails with real brains as scientist now know the human brain is itself kind of a sheet which is just crumpled up to fill the skull.

    Anyway then, the heart of God would be the 12th dimension and would be from where all the other dimensions are derived. 

  • Let's go a little further. The strings are said to vibrate in the new physics. Now computer programmers call text or words in their programs, "strings". What if these strings are simply the words of God or even more strangely or fundamentally the strings are the vocal chords of God.

  • Physicist speculate three ages of the universe, the hyperinflation one in the very first seconds, the next ten billion or so years before dark energy became important and the last age where we are now where dark energy is been influential.  Another speculation then would be that this event around the 10 billion year mark is when the devil fell from heaven and was imprisoned in physical reality.  That was the beginning of dark energy.

    The difference between dark energy and dark matter, is some physicist now think dark matter is really made of photons circling in another dimension even though there are 5 times more of it than visible matter.  Those photons might all be speculated to be "Words of God" or angels.  At any rate they would still be of God in that they are of light but still hidden. What dark energy is, Physicist have very little idea, but it seems to show antigravity features.

    The problem with this speculative linking to Christianity, is science tells us dark energy is supposed to be 3 times more numerous than dark matter.  Christianity however teaches that angels of light out number angels of darkness 2 to 1, not the reverse and certainly not at 1 to 3...

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