Additional Information on IEA   Placing and Monitoring International Students   IEA has established relationships with a number of US universities that are willing to take students on a provisional basis.  The student is accepted as a regular student but has to fulfill either the English language requirements or other standard tests such as GRE and GMAT before taking a regular full load of credit courses. Optional counseling services are also available that provide regular assistance and advice to the students who have been placed.  IEA used trained counselors who know the students' native language and culture.  She did this kind of work with NCN, a Japanese organization for more than 7 years.   Recruiting US Faculty Members for Overseas Institutions   IEA negotiates contracts with overseas institutions to help them hire English teachers and professors who are trained in the US.   IEA does the publicity, the communication, and preliminary interviews.  The overseas institutions make the final decision and negotiate the contract.  Recent work involves placing English teachers from the US in China in 2010 and 2011 for the Shanghai Pacican Academy.  She has also worked closely for 20 years with the JET Program sponsored by the Japanese Embassy and Japanese government, placing American English teachers in Japanese schools.  She facilitated the program by working with representatives of the three ministries that oversee the program. Recruiting US trained Faculty Members for Overseas Institutions She has recruited professors for a major Mexican institution, ITESEM, that wanted to recruit Mexican students who had finished their degrees in US universities.   Recruiting US Students to Study Abroad in Language Institutes   IEA represents institutions overseas that are interested in recruiting US students.  IEA sends out the information and responds to inquiries about these institutions.  She has worked with for the Los Geranios, located in Seville, Spain for a number of years, recruiting students for their intensive Spanish program.   Evaluating Foreign Credentials   IIEA evaluates credentials from educational systems other than the US system for people who need certifications before obtaining a US jobs and for those who are interested in working with the local school districts.   For further information, please contact us.
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